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8 Days Tour
Beirut, South, North, Chouf, Bekaa, Kesrwan

Day 1: Arrival to Beirut airport, transfer to hotel

Day 2: Full day tour to south: the city of Sidon, Eshmoun and the Phoenician Tyr.

We start our tour in Sidon well known for its crusaders castle and its old traditional souk grouping old outdoor shopping stores and without forgetting the famous soap museum, than we continue to Eshmoun the unique Phoenician site in Lebanon, to end in Tyr the island city that has experienced several domination and had been an attraction to several conquerors such as Alexander the great and knew golden ages with Greeks emperors.

Day 3: Am, half day tour: Beirut the Capital

Destroyed seven times and rebuilt, Beirut the Capital still holding in its streets the charm of the old city and the magic of a new and vibrating one. Beirut is well known for its economical importance since it’s a business center but in the other hand it was made to be a beating city with several night clubs and restaurants.

The national Museum: a guided tour with a professional guide to assemble your past with the present.

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Day 4: Full day tour to North: The Cedars, Besharre “ Gibran Museum” & Tripoli.

We start our tour in the Cedars “ ARZ” mentioned in the ancient Bible, 2000 years aged, one of the most beautiful spot in the country a resort crowded in winter time by people from all over the world coming to enjoy skiing. Then we move To Besharre the hometown of Gibran Khalil Gibran including the visit to its Museum where many of his works are exposed. The last part of our tour will be in Tripoli the capital of the North well known for its crusader castle of St. Gilles.

Day 5: Am, half day tour to Chouf: Deir El Kamar & Beiteddine.

First stop in Deir El Kamar to visit the wax museum and Moses Castle, than we move to Beiteddine to discover one of the typical architecture of the 19th century: the Beiteddine Palace complex built by the Emir Beshir Chehab.

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Day 6: Full day tour to Bekaa: Bekaa, Baalbeck, Ksara , Zahle & Anjar.

Long way drive to arrive to Bekaa where you will be astonished by the greatest Roman treasure considered as one of the wonders of the ancient world. Continuing our tour we will arrive to the Ksara’s caves were you can taste the finest Lebanese wine before reaching Zahle the bride of the Bekaa to have lunch on the Berdaouni river and concluding our tour in Anjar the Umayyad city.

Day 7: Am, half day tour to Keserwan: Grotto of Jeita & Byblos.

One of the most astonishing cave in the world multicolored by stalactites and stalagmites this is where our tour starts to end up in Byblos one of the oldest inhabited cities of the world with several influences inside of it and the most important is the Phoenician one.

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Day 8: Free until transfer to the Airport.

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